Montmorency (Sour cherry)


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Montmorency is the number one selling sour/tart cherry in North America. This variety is used mainly for baking and is the perfect for pies and jams. If you want to bake and preserve, this is the cherry tree for you. They are also very cold-hardy. Montmorency Cherry trees adds a beautiful display every single spring with white cherry blossoms. When you bite into one of these cherries you will be greeted by a strong tart and tangy flavor. This variety produces a reliable and heavy crop every year and thrive in Canada.

Trees are sold on Mahaleb rootstock and will mature between 15-20ft. Currently trees have a caliber of 15-20mm and will be 4-5ft at time of pickup.

Zone: 4-7

Ripens: Late June/Early July

Blooms: Late

Trees are potted.