Royal Courtland (Dwarf)


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Royal Court Cortland Apple is a popular variety that was bred in Nova Scotia. Its a brighter, redder, and more disease resistant than a Courtland. The apple is uniformly red and conical in shape. Its juicy and crunchy. Fruits are large and are very slow to brown. Great for fresh eating, apple sauce and pies. Quite cold hardy. Fruit ripens mid-to-late September.

Pollinator require. Pairs well with Honeycrisp, CrimsonCrisp, Empire, Gala, Spartan, Granny Smith, Red Delicious and Fuji.

These are 2 year old trees that are  5 ft. tall grafted on Bud 10 rootstock. Trees will mature approximately 10ft.

Size Medium large to large

Growing Zone: 4-7

Ripens Late September to early October.

Bloom Group: Mid Season

Trees are potted.