Ruby Mac (Dwarf)


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Ruby Macs have a sweet, aromatic flavor. They are very firm and are resistant to premature drop. Apples are a dark red blush. colour coverage is nearly complete. Fruit is juicy and crisp. From the McIntosh family that hangs well on the tree. Tree has a vigorous growth habit and keeps well. Ripens in mid to late September. Pollinator required. Choose another early-variety, like Cortland or Zestar.

1 year whips that are approximately 3ft tall. Grafted on Bud 9 rootstock. Trees will be 7-9ft tall at maturity. Suitable for small spaces and high density orchards but will require staking.

Growing Zone: 4-7

Ripens Mid-Late September

Bloom Group: Early Season

Sold as a bareroot tree (not potted) in early spring with pickups from April 27-May 5th.