Black Pearl (Sweet Cherry)


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The Black Pearl is a sweet cherry tree that is quickly becoming a popular favorite. Known for its classic sugary dark cherry flavor. This variety was developed in Canada and is a cross between Van and Stella. The Black Pearl is a fast grower and heavy producer that makes it ideal for home growers and pick your own orchards due to its immense flavor when picked fresh off the tree.  Fruit is firm, round and has outstanding flavor. Early variety, ripening late June/early July. Good resistance to cracking and has a long shelf life.

Hardy variety. Suitable for zones 5-7. Pollinator recommended, please choose another sweet cherry that blooms around the same time such Lapin.

Mazzard rootstock. Tree has a caliber of 9/16.

Sold as a bareroot tree in early spring with pickups from April 27-May 5th.