Mutsu (Dwarf)


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Mutsu is a variety that produces tasty, yellow fruits that can be enjoyed fresh or cooked. Mutsu is a cross between Golden Delicious and a Japanese apple Indo. The taste is prized for its complex flavor with notes of spice, sweetness, and honey. The fruit is large and juicy. This is a versatile variety that is a great choice for fresh eating, cooking and baking. Mutsu apple trees are cold hardy and stores well.

One problem with these trees is that they may only produce fruit biennially.  They also don’t make good pollinators for other apple trees.

Pollinator required: Choose from Courtland, CrimsonCrisp, Empire, Fuji, Gala, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, Ruby Mac, Red Delicious, Spartan and Sunrise.

1 year whips that is approximately 3-4ft tall, that is grafted on G41 rootstock. Tree will mature around 8-10ft in height.

Zones: 4-7

Ripens: End of September/Early October

Bloom Type: Mid-Season

Sold as a bareroot tree (not potted) in early spring with pickups from April 27-May 5th.