Harrow Crisp


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The fruit is a very attractive pear, blushed red on smooth yellow skin, slightly larger than Bartlett, with fine and firm cream-white flesh. The flavor is mild and sweet, and it receives very high ratings in taste trials. AC™ Harrow Crisp in an early variety that matures at the end of August or early September, about the same time as Bartlett, and it can be picked over a two-week period.

Similar mild-sweet flavor as a Bartlett, but is often considered more attractive.

Self-fertile but yields increase with cross pollination.

On OHxF97 rootstock, tree will mature around 15ft. Trees are 1 year whips that will be approximately 4ft tall at pickup.

Sold as a bareroot tree (not potted) in early spring with pickups from April 27-May 5th.