Morus Rubra (Red Mulberry)


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Morus Rubra (Red Mulberry) is a medium-size deciduous tree that produces prolific red berries that are commonly used for jellies, jams, beverages, deserts and preserves. This is a fast growing, low-maintenance tree that can live up to 125 years. Fruits are a deep red, almost black. Fruits are easy to pick.  Very popular for birds and other wildlife. Leaves turn bright yellow in the fall making them a desired landscaping tree as well.

The entire plant — leaves, stems, and fruit are high in antioxidants. Mulberry trees have been used for medical healing properties for decades as mulberries contain alkaloids that activate white blood cells and stimulate the immune system.

Mulberries do not keep well, so plan to eat, cook or preserve them right away.


Will come potted in 1G pots. Currently around 30cm.

Will mature approximately 30-40ft.

Zone: 4-7