Red Delicious (Semi Dwarf)


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Red Delicious is a staple and an iconic variety. The apples are juicy and sweet with a mild flavor, with a hint of acidity making them great for fresh eating and deserts. These apples are easy to grow and are a heavy producer. They have thick skin, which makes them less prone to bruising and helps them store well.  This has been one of the top selling varieties for several decades.

Not recommended for baking, since they are low in acidity. When the apples are baked the starches break down which make the apples soft. Also tends to be a biennial bearer, with heavy production one year and sparsely the next.

Pollinator require. Pairs well with Honeycrisp, CrimsonCrisp, Empire, Gala, Spartan, Granny Smith, Royal Courtland, and Fuji.

1 year whips that are 3-4 ft. tall grafted on G969 rootstock. Trees will mature approximately 15ft.

Size Medium large to large

Growing Zone: 5-7

Ripens Late September to early October.

Bloom Group: Mid Season

Trees are sold potted.