Zestar (Dwarf)


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Zestar is a new variety that is quickly becoming a popular fan favorite. Sweet and tangy with a hint of brown sugar flavor. Zestar is a very cold-hardy variety that can be grown in Zone 4. Zestar ripens in early August, making it one of the first to bear fruit in most orchards. Known for its beauty, taste and crisp texture and outstanding self life. Fruit can be kept up to two months with in proper refrigeration. Zestar apple trees were developed by the University of Minnesota,

Pollinator required: Choose another pollinator such as Ruby Mac or Spartan.

These are dwarf trees on Bud 9 rootstock. The trees will get 7-9ft tall and will be 3ft tall at time of pickup.  Commonly used in compact spaces and planting for high-density apple orchards.

Zones: 4-7

Blooms: Early

Ripens: Late August

Sold as a bareroot tree (not potted) in early spring with pickups from April 27-May 5th.