Early Gloden Plum


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Early Golden is a yellow/golden plum that is one of the first plums to ripen with a harvest in July. This variety was developed in Canada although it’s a Japanese plum variety. Early Golden plums are very hardy.  Fruit is very sweet with a yellow/red blush skin.  Great for eating fresh or cooking.  Early Golden plums are a heavy producer, you may need to thin out the fruit to keep a consistent harvest. Stores for about a week in the fridge.

Trees can live up to 40 years and have attractive white blossoms in spring.

Requires a pollinator, which must be another Japanese variety such as Shiro or Ozark Premier.

These are two-year old trees that come potted and have a caliber of 20mm. Trees will be branched out. Will mature 15-20ft.

Ripens: Mid July (two weeks before Shiro)

Zone: 5-7

Fruit: Medium