Lapins (Sweet Cherry) Dwarf


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Lapins is a cross between Stella and Van. Unlike most sweet cherries, this variety is self pollinating with a sweetest that surpasses even Bing. Cherries are a glossy red and are very large.  Lapins are also ideal pollinators for other sweet cherries making them one of the most versatile cherry trees on the market. Great hardiness, but best for fresh eating and cooking. Their shelf life is about one week which is shorter than the Black Pearl and other Sweet Cherry varieties.

Lapins is self pollinating but yields increase when planting with another sweet cherry.

Zone: 5-7

Tree has a caliber of 20mm. On Gisela 5 rootstock. Tree will mature around 10ft at maturity. Providing additional support for the trees is highly recommended.

Size: Large

Trees are potted.